Now I’ve Gone and Done It…

In my last post, I explained that I planned to use NetVibes as a community page for RSS feeds that will support my classroom instruction. Well, wouldn’t ya’ know, the very next assignment was to actually go and make the a NetVibes page. (I must be psychic.) Anyway, I have created a resource page on the topic of Poetry that I will be using with my students to start off the year.

The Plan

After viewing my resource page, you’ll note that I have several different types of feeds to several sites that I regularly use and so have vetted myself over time. Each of these will have a specific purpose as I move forward in my instruction with the students:

  1. Poetry 180 and Poem of the Day  are sources for the students to review on their own and choose poems to read, react to in their blogs (with links), share, and analyze.
  2. The Glossary of Poetic Terms and the Learning Lab are sources for the students to delve in and study aspects of writing poetry, appreciating poetry, and learning about poets.
  3. Poetry Magazine, the Google Poetry Search feed, and From the Catbird Seat are sources that will help students to recognize that poetry is alive and well and in the news and a vibrant topic of discussion for many.
  4. Finally, feeds such as Now See Hear! and YouTube Poetry Search feed will be resources of inspiration about topics and forms and visuals for writing their own poetry.

What an exciting addition to my 21st Century classroom. Cannot wait to begin the year.

2 thoughts on “Now I’ve Gone and Done It…

  1. I have just recently started teaching poetry to my underclassmen, and I gotta tell ya…it can be intimidating! Your resource page looks great, though, and it seems like something MANY people would benefit from. You found some awesome feeds to add. Nice job!


    1. I actually love teaching poetry to kids. When I started teaching, students hated poetry. It was difficult and I really had to sell it before they would get on board. However, in the past 10 years, I had noted a change in students and they embraced poetry more readily than in the past. I am not certain what to attribute the change to, but it was great to have them ready made to buy in!

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