3 thoughts on “5-B-3: A Podcast on Podcasts on Podcasts

  1. Great ideas for how you can have your kiddos not only listen to podcasts (and have lessons attached), but also thinking of something in which you can have the students create their own! Very cool idea.

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  2. I also talked with another participant in the class that it is difficult to create a podcast without having a script (which it is recommended we don’t use one). I’d be interested in knowing if something like this comes naturally to you, or if you, too, felt the need to read from a script. You sounded great (regardless if you had one or not); I’m just curious. 🙂


    1. I had an outline and then I used Audacity and played with editing out some of my long pauses and deep breathes. Without the outline, it would not have been as smooth without several practices. With the outline, I did it in one take and then edited. The editing was a good experience.


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